Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tuesday's HW

*Retreat permission form and money
*Ski Trip forms
*Shrove Tuesday lunch order

*Basketball Tournament at Cloverdale Catholic for both teams. Meet between 9:15 and 10:00
*Non-Basketball students at school, leadership roles in Kindergarten

Due Tuesday:
1. Religion - Saint Research
2. How To... mini book
3. Math - TB p. 121 #1-8, 10, 11-18; WB p. 74-76 #1-16
*Red Day / Jump Rope for Heart - $2 and red athletic clothes
*Shrove Tuesday - pancake lunch - Bring plate and cutlery
*Valentine's Day (one day early because of Ash Wednesday) - if you're bringing treats or cards, please do for the whole class
*Religious Book Fair on Tuesday - you might find something interesting about your saint (suggestion: bring money)

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